Mink Lashes or Silk Lashes?

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Mink Lashes or Silk Lashes?

Mink Lashes or Silk Lashes?

The very first question you must ask yourself before getting your beautiful eyelash extensions applied is, what type of lashes do I want? At The Salon de Lash we offer two different types of lashes that both look very natural and are very comfortable to wear! The first lashes we offer are called Mink lashes. If you are looking for a more glamorous and eye-popping look, these are the lashes for you! Although they are a lighter weight, they tend to have a thicker and fuller effect. If you are trying to achieve a more natural, long and elegant look, then the silk lashes are what you are looking for! These lashes are softer and have a more natural look and feel to them.

Our Fabulous Mink Lashes!

Our fabulous Mink lashes!

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Our Sultry Silk Lashes!

Our sultry Silk lashes!

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We also have our lashes available in two different types of curls. They are the J-Curl and the C-Curl. the shape of your eyes and your face is what determines the specific curl we would use. Our well trained Eye Designers specialize in finding the perfect type and curl of lashes that will be most suitable for you! If you would like to learn more about our lashes or schedule an appointment to find your perfect set of lashes please give us a call at (914) 472-7858.

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