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Beaute Rroir Lash Maintenance Products

Here at The Salon De Lash we have many products on sale that will help maintain your beautiful new lash extensions including the Beaute Rroir cosmetic line. The 3 products that we carry are unique and specially made to help your lashes look as full and beautiful as when they were first applied for longer periods of time. These products are guaranteed to work hand in hand to protect, nourish and boost your lashes to their full potential daily.

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The Beaute Rroir Lash Coating is a specially designed formula that coats the lash where they were adhered to your real eyelash and creates a temporary shield against moisture. Each time your eyelash extensions are exposed to water and moisture, the adhesive is loosened slightly, and after time passes the false lashes begin to gently fall out. Applying this product to the base of your lashes approximately 30 minutes before contact with liquid will drastically improve the time span of which your lashes will stay secured. It’s an extremely beneficial product to have handy and apply before your daily shower and especially if you exercise or swim regularly. You really cant go wrong with this lash coating, it truly preserves your lashes for better and longer lasting results! $40.00

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The Beaute Rroir Eyebrow & Eyelashes Essence is another unique formula created specially for eyelash extensions and also can be used on eyebrows. This product is great for women who notice that they wake up in the morning with tangled and untamed lashes. The Essence is applied to the tips of your lashes and instantly untangled and glosses your extensions which creates a healthy and glowing look. Along with helping manage your lashes, this product has a long term affect and will keep your lashes tamed and straight for a several days. It can also be re purposed for eyebrows to help them grow and become fuller. $50.00

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Our Beaute Rroir Power Volume Mascara is for the women who are searching for the voluminous full and sexy lash. We typically advise our customers to refrain from using any mascara because it can be damaging to your eyelash extensions and cause them to clump and tangle which results in them falling out faster and breakage. Luckily we supply this special formula product that CAN be used with your extensions. It will not harm your new lashes or your natural ones and give you a little extra volume and fullness at the same time! $30.00

We carry each of these items in our Salon and would be happy to answer any questions you have before purchasing.

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